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Omariah Agriculture & Veterinary Company Co

Omariah Agriculture & Veterinary Company Co Omariah Agriculture & Veterinary Company Co.

Working in Jordan as well as other Arab Countries through our network there.

We are having the solution you are seeking for, our 16 years experience in that filed give us a advance step forward to manage such business with many customers.

We are choosing the good quality products for your needs. our range update every time to met new challenges.
We are happy to serve you and to make you feel satisfied our service as well as products.

Our company is member of the big group (Arab group for production and Agricultural supply). So our company has many sister companies dealing with Agriculture in Jordan Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia (soon).


To supply our market with the unique products this can give a highly performance and profitable result.


Our sales team -Doctors of veterinary Medicine and Agronomists (Animal production). We must know the product knowledge, market knowledge for any items working in. Beside that our team has a good experience in communication skills as well as the technical support to act with their customers.


Our main business is in Feed additives, Veterinary pharmaceuticals, Disinfectant, vaccines... so we are dealing with everything related to livestock animals further more we are making business with public health products (we have agriculture products –Fertilizers , Insecticide ……).